Agonic Brewing Company LLC


Our Story:

Agonic Brewing Company is a microbrewery that will be located in Rice Lake, the heart of the Northwoods in Wisconsin. The brewery will be built around a taproom that will sell beer produced by Agonic Brewing Company via their multiple taps. Patrons of the Rice Lake based brewery will be able to purchase pints for consumption at the taproom in addition to growlers, crowlers, and kegs that allow them to take beer home.

Our Approach:

Beer will be made true to style and to the spirit of brewing in the US. We will be offering beer true to style in order to educate the people of northwest Wisconsin what beer can truly be. There are over 60 styles of beer and most people have only experienced one. We want to change that. For those who are familiar with craft beer, we will be offering beer that has been brewed true to the spirit of brewing. We can infuse ingredients that are normally not found in brewing and use them in a way that will create pleasant and sometimes surprising combinations. Sourcing local ingredients will also allow us to create beers that could only be created because of our location. Not only will it allow us to create unique beers, but we can also grow our local economy. We also want to be mindful of our impact on our local community, as well as our world. In addition to being supportive of local community events and organizations, Agonic Brewing will host events to bolster the local economy and community involvement. Agonic Brewing will do as much as we can to reduce our impact on the environment. This will include the selection of ingredients, packaging, and the overall safe brewing process. As we grow, the importance of lessening our environmental impact will become greater.

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