Americana Brewery


Our Story:

Americana Brewery is a start up craft brewery located in South Florida area. Americana Brewery and staff are members of the Brewers Association and the Craft Beer Association, The Fort Lauderdale Area Brewers also know as FLAB. The owner is a Florida State General Contractor and is also a brewer and has been involved in building Manufacturing and Commercial property for more than 20 years. Americana brewery is working with one of the hottest in Trade Marks in South Florida, Co?o? is a registered trademark and created Co?o Beer, Beer with an Attitude. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Please come and see our web sites and

Our Approach:

The plan is to start with a 30bbl system and a bottling line and packaging line. Build a taste room with a sport bar atmosphere to handle large groups of people.

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