Babahatchie Brewing Company


Our Story:

Babahatchie Brewing Company in Harriman, TN. is named after a local river known as the Emory on todays maps. However, during the Colonial period- frontiersmen and settlers knew the river's name as the Babahatchie, so named by the Cherokee Indian's who once lived in the foothills and valleys of the Appalachian Mountains of east Tennessee. Not only is our name unique to a long historic past but our very location in Harriman, Tennessee rings with irony all to itself. Harriman was founded as a Temperance town in 1889. Founded by a New York born minister and industrialist Frederick Gates, Prohibition Party presidential candidate Union General Clinton B Fisk, Quaker Oats co-founder Ferdinand Schumacher and publishers Isaac Funk and A.W. Wagnalls. From Cherokee Indians to Temperance Prohibitionists to Babahatchie Brewing Company our story is steeped in a rich local history of people, their passions, and will to create a legacy in life. Babahatchie Brewing Company brings a new chapter to a sleepy southern town's story surrounded by the beautiful lakes and streams, ridges and valleys of the Appalachian Mountains.

Our Approach:

Babahatchie Brewing Company is a production facility focusing on a five state area of distribution. Though we are a craft brewery our approach to the beer market is focused on the mass market macro drinker rather than the craft niche drinker. Our initial brand will be craft created and mass marketed. Our brand is market appropriate style that our regional drinkers in the south can identify as quality beer that is surprisingly produced by a microbrewery.

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