Badger State Brewing Company


Our Story:

Green Bay's first and only Microbrewery located in the Lambeau Field District. Owned and operated by three lifetime Wisconsinites who were brought together by a love of making outstanding beer, the State of Wisconsin, and fate. Our goal is to brew traditional beers with our own unique spin on them. To represent the great state of Wisconsin and all of its goodness accompanying it through the ingredients, materials, and inspiration you will find in our brews.

Our Approach:

We currently have developed a total of six beers for retail. In addition to these "staple" beers we intend to market a variety of seasonal brews as well as a limited edition specialty series. We intend our beers to embody the place that we the founders love so much, and hope to utilize our beer and ourselves as ambassadors of the Badger State. Our ingredients are of the finest quality available to brewers, most of which come from right here in the Badger State. We support the small farmers, maltsters, and working people who help us achieve our dream and make Wisconsin a place we can be so proud of! Outside of the beer realm it is the goal of this brewery to improve the city in which we are founded and the state in which we reside - Green Bay, WI. Our outreach efforts and community involvement will one day hopefully spread across our boarders. In conjunction with our fellow craft brewers, we intend to make the world a better place, one brew at a time.

Featured Products:

  • Bunyan Badger Brown Ale

    This English-style brown ale elicits a light mahogany-color, rich in body and mouth feel yet extremely drinkable. A blend of caramel malts provide the backbone for this beer’s sweetness complemented by rye malt and spicy noble hops to add a touch of character to the beer’s roasty overtones. This ale pairs exceptionally well with Asiago and Colby cheeses as well as cured meats including summer sausage. Grilled red meats- particularly pork and beef are complimented by the fruity caramel characteristics of this beers malt profile.

  • Green Chop Session IPA

    A brilliant orange/copper-colored IPA brewed with six different American hop varieties. This IPA combines bright, earthy flavors that blend magnificently with tropical fruit aromas. All of this balanced by a solid malt base leads to a slightly spicy clean finish resulting in a very sessionable IPA. This Session IPA pairs well with and amplifies spicy foods including jambalaya, curry dishes, Thai, and Mexican food. The hop flavors meld magnificently with hot peppers and citrus garnishes, making the food pairings for this beer almost endless. The quaffable nature of this IPA compliments any meal, while still being complex enough ale to stand on its own.

  • Walloon Witbier

    A traditional Belgian-style wheat beer brewed true to style, our Belgian “white” pours a hazy white-straw color with a smooth mouth feel. Fresh spice and fruit notes are elicited from the yeast strain used to ferment this light, refreshing and unique beer that pays homage to Northeast Wisconsin’s Belgian heritage. Brewed with coriander and citrus peel. This beer pairs extremely well with just about anything from bacon, sausage, and eggs all the way to chicken, fish and other seafood where its citrus notes mirror the bright flavorful dish preparations fantastically.

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