Baraboo Woodworks


Our Story:

Baraboo Woodworks is Madison's only "Yard to Table" local wood business. We're a small company that brings together the skills of talented artisans with foresters and tree care professionals to create things of beauty from the trees around us. Our mission at Baraboo Woodworks is to restore the connection between people and land by producing beautiful, artisanal lumber from well-managed trees and forests where we live here in Wisconsin. We help create the connection between those who care for trees and forests and the people who sustainably produce and utilize objects made of wood.

Our Approach:

Baraboo Woodworks works with cities, villages, and tree care professionals who supply us with wood from local communities. We mill and dry the lumber from these trees and help turn them into beautiful wood products. We produce beautiful lumber, wood crafts, and fine furniture – all from local trees. Baraboo Woodworks is more than just a lumberyard, and wood is not just a commodity to us. We source our wood from property owners, foresters, and arborists who are committed to protecting our forests and practicing sustainable management. And in doing so, we utilize high-quality wood for today, and for tomorrow. Our goal is to provide customers with high-quality local lumber and wood products, from trees that were cared for by people we know. We love our work and we have fun doing it!

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