Berthoud Brewing Co.


Our Story:

The idea for Berthoud Brewing Co. was born while home brewing over these last 12 years, like so many breweries. Three friends creating beers to represent our unique experiences throughout life. The concept for Berthoud Brewing Co. grew because of the community around us and the involvement we have fostered. Our community is building this brewery because we realize that each person in our community that wants to lend a hand, idea, vision, and dream can and should. The concept for Berthoud Brewing Co. started as our idea, but has become our communities project. Opening Early 2014

Our Approach:

Berthoud Brewing Co. is a start-up locally owned craft brewery in Berthoud, Colorado. Our brewery is dedicated to produce authentic beers that represent the unique experiences of our friends, family, and community. Our beers provide a wide range of flavor experiences by holding true to classic styles and at the same time go beyond defined styles, we create beers that are truly one of a kind.

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