Black Cloister Brewing Company


Our Story:

The Black Cloister Brewing Company will be a production brewhouse utilizing a 15 bbl brew system. We are located in the Toledo Metro area. The vision for this brewery began in 2011 when a friend and coworker said to Pastor Tom Schaeffer, "You should start a brewery." In 2012, forces began to align that turned that one statement into a growing reality that has become The Black Cloister Brewing Company. Our plan is to offer 3 year round beers that are supplemented by a host of seasonals and special release beers. Our name and story as a company informs our brewing. The Black Cloister was the monastery of the 16 century monk named Martin Luther. When he defied the church and launched the Reformation, he left the monastic lifestyle, married a nun named Katy, and the two of them moved into the Black Cloister as their home where she brewed the beer. From the Black Cloister, often with a mug in hand, Luther spearheaded a reformation. The founders of the Black Cloister Brewing Company share that spirit. We are dedicated to breaking the molds of Christian stereotypes, joining the beer reformation sweeping the U.S., and making a difference for good in the Toledo Metro area and beyond through the production of some fantastic beer.

Our Approach:

Our vision is to provide great beer made with great purpose. Using only the finest ingredients, we will produce excellent beers that pay tribute to time honored styles, yet without hesitation brewing beers that are creative, distinct, and adventurous. But even beyond this, we want our brewery to be a contributor to the revitalization of Toledo, a city hit very hard by the recession. We want to be a leader among businesses with a social conscience and a desire to make the world a better place. But there's more! All of us are Christians. The CEO is, in fact, an ordained minister. This is why we have the conviction that our ultimate reason for being is to give glory to God. With that in mind, 20% of our profits are being donated to Threshold Church. A dynamic, inclusive, loving community with a passion to serve the University of Toledo and this great city.

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