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Our Story:

Tony Williams and Chuck Boyer are longtime friends. We have both been in the Information Technology industry for close to 20 years. About 6 years ago we received home brewing starter kits for Christmas and 3 years ago started brewing together. Our passion for making quality beer lead us to starting BlackRock Brewers. For 2 years we have been working to turn BRB, our dream, into reality. Why the name BlackRock? Well, Tucson, or "Chuk-Son" (Pronounced "Chook-Sone") has many meanings depending on who you talk to, but one of them is "Spring at the foot of the black mountain". We decided that was close enough, so "Chuk-SONE" became "Black Rock". That concludes our history lesson for today, there will be a test later after many beers. So who are the brewers? The founders are Chuck Boyer and Tony Williams. Chuck is from Tucson, and Tony was born in Iowa much to his surprise. But he quickly left for Arizona. They have been like brothers for close to 15 years. We have built a team with Gene Sandoval, former brew master at Mr. Beer, but we don't hold that against him because he knows ALOT about beer. We also have an Advisory Board made up of folks from the brewing industry, distribution, marketing, web / social media, and even a microbiologist.

Our Approach:

BlackRock Brewers are committed to the highest quality in all of our beers. Heard that one before huh? Well my first taste of craft beer was yeasty and nasty, and would probably have done great cleaning the toilet, which was where it was flushed. What I'm getting at is that we refuse to put out bad beer. That starts with the best ingredients available, and attention to detail. Put a couple of computer geeks in charge of that and you get some great beer! We also have the approach of not only catering to craft beer enthusiasts, but the average Joe too. Our plans are for a production brewery. Starting with a 15 barrel system and distribution. We'll start with the local bars and pubs, and expand into the rest of Arizona, and beyond. Bottling or canning will be added later on as we expand. And just in case you thought we missed it, we will have a tasting room with jugglers, clowns, and... OK maybe just us clowns serving the beer, but there will be some live music (Chuck plays a mean Kazoo!). Food will be provided by some of the states best food trucks that make great food at reasonable prices. Hey, we'll be making craft beer, so why not "craft food" too? So in parting, we will leave the reader with our vision: "Crafting the most admired beer in the world" Thanks for reading! BlackRock Brewers Admiration Served

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