BOAK Beverage

New Jersey

Our Story:

BOAKS started in 1999 when Brian Boak?s kids bought him a Mr. Beer Kit to brew beer. He was instantly hooked. Eight years of homebrewing and many awards later told him that he should share his beers. The beers we humbly present for your taste buds are based on those years of brewing. We believe that one beer does not fit all food or all times of year. We will produce beers that will challenge your taste buds and expand your knowledge of pairing beer and food. For the past 5 years we have specialized in Belgian and British beers. We currently have 5 beers ranging from a 4.2% Belgian Wheat Beer with Lemongrass to a 10% 100 IBU Russian Imperial Stout to our Belgian Dubbel aged with Jack Daniels Barrels and Madagascar Vanilla Beans. We have many more beers in the wings that we need to expand our production to produce as we cannot produce enough of our main line to keep our distributors happy.

Our Approach:

BOAKS decided early in our planning that contracting with an award winning brewery would allow us to deliver a quality product and grow our brand without bringing in a lot of investors that were not interested in beer. Brewing my beers is what I wanted. I did not want people telling me what to make and how to make it. What fun is that, owning your own company, only to be told what to do. We skipped the brick and mortar stage of owning a brewery and hired a friend who owned a brewery to brew our recipes. After 5 years, we are proud to say we use the same brewery and we are adding our 2nd 30 bbl fermentor to expand capacity. We will continue this direction to minimize our investment and maximize our flexibility. We are currently available in NJ & PA. This expansion will allow further distribution in our current market and start distribution in NY where we already have distributors interested once we have the product available.

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