DukBone Brewing

North Carolina

Our Story:

DukBone Brewing was founded with an absolute love for craft beer. That love led our founder to travel the country to study everything craft beer and pickup experimental home-brewing as a hobby. From there, our founder became slightly (well no slightly about it really) obsessed with making high quality, full of flavor, and distinct beers that challenge what beer drinkers deem "the norm." The culmination of that dream is DukBone Brewing, a brewery set on pushing the limits of quality and character in brewing by emphasizing creativeness and disregarding uniformity. With recipes in hand, the company wants to differentiate in all aspects of the business. The brewery will be located in the NC Music Factory area of uptown Charlotte, North Carolina. The onsite taproom will emphasize fun by featuring multiple games (ping pong, corn hole, homebrew competitions), music, special events, and an outdoor Beer Garden. The Beer Garden will be unique in that it has a beautiful view of the Charlotte skyline and boasts a dog friendly environment. We will also provide our brews to local bars, restaurants, and taverns around Charlotte for enjoyment outside of the brewery. Our home grown recipes will be brewed on a 15bbl brewhouse to ensure premium quality and freshness. To sum it all up, our goal is to produce quality and unique hand crafted ales that push the limits of what people deem as the norm. We look to open our doors and taps to the world in 2014, and hope you will join us as we keep it a little different on our path to making a quality differentiated craft brewery in the heart of Charlotte.

Our Approach:

DukBone Brewing believes in pushing the limits of quality and differentiation in brewing by emphasizing creativeness and disregarding uniformity. We believe that the best of everything comes from uniqueness and focus on making a difference. "The norm" in beer continues to be watery light lagers, and we believe everyone deserves better. As long as the norm is low quality beers, we will aim to defy it to create higher quality and more unique beers. We prefer to use local ingredients whenever possible, but often look to countries known for rare and unique ingredients to add character to our beers. Our slogan "Don't Sweat the Norm" reminds us to be different and defy the norm for better.

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