Eleventh Hour Brewing


Our Story:

Over 7 years ago, my beautiful and loving wife, bought me a kit to start making my own beer. She was blissfully unaware of the beast she had awoken. This humble electric stove and 30 qt pot would be my training wheels for the next few years. As I continued to learn, my appreciation for craft beer grew and grew. Along the way we added on to our house and our family and the seeds of a passion for brewing were planted. As most homebrewers find out at some point, the extract brewing just doesn't cut it. When that happens you usually have to invest a lot more money. Unless, that is, you are wired as a DIY type of person. In that case, you find the parts and start a Franken-brewery! This is where we are now. Lovingly crafting and perfecting the recipes that WE love, cause if WE love them then we know YOU will love them. The WE is now Me, my loving wife (who...umm supervises?? while she gets our marketing/logo/social media presence started) and my brother who has also caught the brewing bug. We brew the batches and tweak the recipes on our custom built all grain system. While this is great, it is but a stepping stone in the process. With a passion boiling up inside, I sat down and started to write a business plan. A year (and several beers) later the business plan is complete and the idea is on it's way to reality. Our goal is a package brewery with a tap room to serve the masses.

Our Approach:

Our approach is "I love beer, so why not make a career out of it?!?" With this in mind, we do everything we can to further our love affair with the wonderful fermented beverage we have all come to know and love! Beer can be simple and beer can be complex. We don't subscribe to one methodology or the other because if it's good then we drink it (and therefore we will also brew it). Our style will be ever changing with the trends whether it's one we started or one we followed. We will definitely have our flagships which will stay consistent but flavor is our muse and the styles and creations we create will follow her wherever she may take us. Ride along with us and hopefully we all have a blast doing it... Once we have the project fully funded we will secure a building, purchase the equipment, submit our license paperwork, renovate the building, build the taproom, install the equipment, secure our license, begin brewing and start selling! As easy as 1,2,3! This approach will take a lot of patience and concerted effort from our entire team. We are committed to putting a quality product out to the public which will take all of our collective efforts to accomplish. We will also be putting together a bang up marketing and sales campaign to allow us to grow and expand within our market and to those in the surrounding area. With the combined drive and determination of our team we KNOW that this venture will be a resounding success. Watch us as we grow!

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