Gander Brewery LLC


Our Story:

Two Marines where sitting in the barracks wondering what it took to make beer. Well a few years later, and a bold idea or two and now here we are. Gander was born in May of 2013, however we are still in the planning stages. Extreme beers are our calling, high ABVs, crazy flavor, and hops for days. Beers like Noix de Pecan, or 90 Octane IPA that pack serious punches! So sit back relax, enjoy a pint or two and join us on our adventure in the history of beer!

Our Approach:

Our approach is simple... to offer a different side of beers. Using unique ingredients, brewing methods, and just all around foolery we plan to expand the world of beer. Educating people on the history of beer, donating tons of cash to charities, and rocking out to great music is what Gander is all about. When the doors fly open and the kettles are a rockin, you best come a knockin!

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