Green Lion Brewing Company


Our Story:

The iconic Green Lion, which we have chosen to represent our brewery, is depicted in many medieval paintings and artistic relics during a time when the great majority of the population was illiterate. The origin of its use is now lost to time though its meaning eventually became recognized as the alchemical grapheme symbolizing the transformation of crude resource into gold or other valued product; especially when the lion is depicted as biting a bleeding sun. To us, The Green Lion Devouring the Sun is the symbolic representation of self actualization through personal enlightenment. This is accomplished by realizing and tapping into the endless stream of energy that surrounds us all. Our philosophy on brewing is based on this? We consider ourselves modern alchemists experimenting with wild and forgotten ingredients to create wondrous fermentations that play with the palate and help us all to reflect on the joys and exuberance of life. We brew because the mystery, the science, and the history of each ingredient comes with a story that recounts a memory of lost cultural knowledge that won?t only taste amazing but will stimulate the mind. Craft beer today, though thriving, is missing something. Brewing?s history goes back much farther than the German Beer Purity Laws of 1516, which limited beers ingredients to just hops, barley, water and yeast. For thousands of years before this fermentations were commonly made with hundreds of herbs and spices. Green Lion Brewing Company strives to revive these ancient traditions, lores, mysticisms, and rituals, much of which has been lost to time. More than just tasty drinks, we believe beers can heal. For thousands of years beers were used as a primary source of sustenance. In many ancient cultures beer was necessary for survival ? used as medicine, a healing elixir for a myriad of ailments, and a source of spiritual connection to the earth. Our vision is to rediscover this lost art and renew these long forgotten connections between plant, palate, and mind ? beer is not just hops and grains ? the possibilities are truly endless.

Our Approach:

Local agriculture, business, and the people of the Berkshires are what define our community. Every dollar invested and spent on community and on local businesses results in a net benefit for the area. We want to work with local businesses, farmers, and individuals to make our local economy as robust as possible, to lower our environmental footprint, and most importantly to encourage local resilience. Everything we need to make beer is available around us. There is no need to ship ingredients across the nation when we can work with local farmers to grow them right in our backyards. This is the environmentally responsible thing to do. We know who grows our ingredients and the care that they put into the land. We take pride in the fact that our ingredients grown in the great Northeast. The Berkshires are our home and we want to see our county thrive socially, ecologically, and economically. We are seeking organic ingredients mainly to limit the presence of pesticides in our products. We love our community and the last thing we want to do is allow poisons into our products and our community members. We prefer not to be chemical test subjects. Organic farming is usually accompanied with more environmentally responsible farming practices, which help to heal the land and ensure long-term productivity. We believe this is necessary to fully realize our goal of becoming a beneficial and regenerative business. Going beyond sustainability is necessary in today?s world. Our habit of collective consumption has wreaked havoc on the natural systems of our planet that sustain life as we know it. For those who share our concerns we offer products that can be bought with pride. We believe it is important that our work has a positive net impact ? utilizing renewable energy sources, water reduction strategies, and zero waste policies, while supporting community initiatives to help heal the land and in turn our collective spirit and community. We hope you join us for the ride!

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