Independent Brewing Company


Our Story:

Independent Brewing Company, LLC was created in 2013 to develop a microbrewery and tasting room in the Jack London Square area of Oakland, California. As part of its mission, Independent Brewing will weave traditional brewing methods and state-of-the-art technology into the fabric of its operations, and hopes to have a rich tapestry of ales and lagers available in 2014. Established by beer lover, brewer and entrepreneur, Steve McDaniel, Independent Brewing Company is dedicated to continuing the growth of Oakland brewing, and will brew and distribute distinctive beers throughout the greater Oakland ? San Francisco Bay market. Among the brands in its portfolio, the company boasts the Oakland Brewing Company lineup, including local favorite, the iconic Sticky Zipper IPA ? and is actively developing additional labels and a complementary lineup of limited release, seasonals and uniquities, themed on Oakland?s rich heritage and important place in the western United States? brewing history.

Our Approach:

Independent Brewing Company will deploy both traditional techniques and the most modern of equipment to brew its ales and lagers. At the heart of its operation, and available only in its Oakland tasting room, Independent Brewing Company will brew small-batch (between 2bbl and 4bbl) beers and will ferment in a variety of traditional vessels ? including open squares, oak casks, and closed stainless fermenters ? to showcase how equipment differences and process subtleties impact finished beer. As part of its larger operation, Independent Brewing Company will also utilize high-efficiency brewing systems to produce larger volumes of its own most-popular creations as well as the Oakland Brewing Company beers for distribution to the trade.

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