Living The Dream Brewing Co.


Our Story:

Living the Dream Brewing was born out of the drive of two people who are both intensely passionate about craft beer. Let me introduce you to Jason Bell & Carrie Knose. Jason?s experience includes 13 years selling, serving, tasting and evaluating hundreds of craft beers as well as developing his own professional level automated brewing system. He has also developed over 30 uniquely designed recipes for LTD Brewing! Carrie has QA/QC experience in the brewing industry, won the Sierra Nevada homebrew competition in Reno, NV and has collaborated on brews with several breweries in California. Her beer-nerd profile really starts to shine through when we tell you this: She has kept over 10 years of personal tasting notes cataloging the various styles of beers she has had the opportunity to try across the world. The brewery and taproom is located in the Littleton/Highlands Ranch area near the I-470 & Santa Fe interchange and is scheduled to open to the public in January (2014). As it gets closer, be sure to follow us on facebook & twitter for the latest news on our opening date, what we're brewing and logisitical info on how to map out the shortest route to get the beer in your hands ASAP! If you have any questions just shoot us an email!

Our Approach:

Living the Dream Brewing Co. beers are always based on a foundation of classic beer styles. From there we either produce the highest quality representation of that style or we get creative and enhance the style with unique ingredients and methods. From a classic English Bitter to three different IPA?s to a cream stout with chocolate, coffee and peanut butter; all Living the Dream beers are balanced, easy drinking and thoroughly enjoyable.

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