Love Brewing Company


Our Story:

Love Brewing Company was established in 2010 by Dave Sanislo and Jason Richardson on a kitchen stove top in Rockledge, PA. The experiment began as a Stone Arrogant Bastard clone. The process took longer than expected but at the end of the day, we had the makings of beer in a fermentor. A month later, we were able to enjoy the fruits of our labor! Originally just an interest gone hobby, brewing has turned into a passion. After that first brew we became eager to create successive brews. We have kept detailed notes on our brew sessions and work at perfecting each recipe. Never complacent, we brainstorm new ideas to expand our portfolio of beers for the varied seasons. We love beer and want to share it with everyone! Love Brewing is based in Northeast Philly out of a garage. Presently, there are no breweries in the Far Northeast of this beer rich city and we would like to be the first.

Our Approach:

In order to push forward with our brewing license and begin to distribute our beers, we need to grow. Our current half-barrel system (15 gallons) is not large enough to be an efficient way of brewing for distribution. The upgrade we are seeking would allow for us to purchase a 3 barrel system (90 gallons). This would increase our production 6 times of our current volume to be brewed in the same amount of time. To accommodate this increase in production, our entire infrastructure needs to grow. We need a larger mash tun, 3 bbl boil kettle, 3 bbl primary and secondary fermentors. We will also need 2 walk-in coolers: one to keep regulated around 65 degrees for fermentation and one to hold at 38 degrees for carbonation. Multiple fermentors will be required so that we can have a steady rotation of beers being brewed and fermented. And, of course, kegs for distribution. As we discuss our future as a brewer, we can never be short sighted on the future of society and the planet. Minimizing the carbon footprint has become a recent trend with business and Love Brewing will not be any different. Thank you for supporting Love Brewing Company. Simply because you are here and reading this page lets us know that we have a place in your heart. We would be even more appreciative if you would be able to assist us in our project to bring more great beer to the world. Thank you!

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