Lower Forge Brewery Inc.

New Jersey

Our Story:

The Lower Forge Brewery is a privately held startup craft beer brewery headquartered and located within the historic village of Medford, New Jersey. Our brewery is dedicated to creating amazing beer, brewed locally using sustainable techniques and ingredients grown in an environmentally-friendly fashion, locally sourced if available. We believe in supporting our community, and sharing the joy of brewing great craft beer with our friends and neighbors. Although we come from diverse backgrounds as a team, we?re all experienced brewers and homebrewers already and working on developing a variety of beer styles for our guests. For our opening, we?re perfecting four flagship beers that we are excited to introduce to brewery visitors and the New Jersey market ? as well as a variety of seasonal brewing ideas to try new things and introduce great beers to our fans. You?ll notice that that we embrace much of the local history and folklore that surrounds us in our Southern New Jersey home, from the Pine Barrens to Medford?s own history itself ? we have a vibrant tapestry of inspiration that seems largely forgotten underneath the modern development and sprawling suburbs throughout our area. From the original legend of the infamous Jersey Devil to lesser known heroes, villains and lore of the pinelands like Joe Mulliner (the ?Robin Hood of the Pines?) or the White Stag of Batsto River, we?ll be brewing beer that may inspire you to find out about the hidden history all around you. For us, launching Lower Forge Brewery is about much more than just brewing great craft beer. It?s the ability to support our hometown community, local organizations, and good causes by giving back with each beer we brew and sell. It will be the fun of relaxing with friends while hosting special events in the tasting room, discovering amazing musicians while sipping from one of our tasting samples, or showcasing talented local and regional artists to brewery visitors.

Our Approach:

Lower Forge Brewery Inc. is a privately held craft beer brewery located in historic Medford village, New Jersey. We are a small, independent company that is about more than brewing great beer - but also our ability to support and give back to the local community with every drop of beer we brew and sell from our Main Street brewhouse.

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