Midnight City Brewing


Our Story:

Like many great ideas, it all started in a garage... Midnight City Brewing was born out of pure curiosity in 2012. The first batch was a simple IPA but tasted much better than expected. After that original dose of inspiration, we continued to upgrade our equipment and our technique. The next few months were spent bringing our craft to the public through local brewing events and competitions. It was at these events that we realized we had a product that people really wanted. We are very proud to say we have won several 1st and 2nd place awards in the few we have entered. Midnight City Brewing is made up of brothers; Craig and Darren Nelson. Craig is currently finishing his degree in Biological Science and has a passion for cooking. He likes to focus on the science of brewing while maintaining solid flavor profiles. Darren owned and operated several successful businesses in his life and has experience in management in the food service industry. Together they form a unique team that is capable of creating not only great tasting beer but a profitable company.

Our Approach:

We are currently located in south florida but we are looking to open in San Diego, CA. Some people say we are crazy, others say we are just stupid. Nevertheless we are passionate about making a great product and a profitable company and we believe there is always room for that. Cheers! ?For more information please follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. To be continued...

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