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Our Story:

MSB Games Corp dba MeterSteiner BeerGAME develops and publishes branded Strategy Games, Puzzles and Utility Apps integrating Beer & Brewery themes.. The original Beer Game (aka the Beer Distribution Game) was created in the early 1960s by a group of professors at MIT Sloan School of Management to demonstrate a number of key principles of supply chain management. The purpose of the original simulation board game was to understand the distribution side dynamics of a multi-tier supply chain used to distribute a single item, in this case, cases of beer. Later, in 1997, hundreds of thousands of computer game players enjoyed a PC simulation game developed in Germany called MeterSteiner Beer Manager. The limited version DOS game was distributed in USA on Premium CDROMs and Popular Download Sites like Launchpad, Rocket Downloads and more. Led by members of the 1997 launch team, New indie company MSB Games Corp dba MeterSteiner BeerGAME is developing & publishing the new MeterSteiner Beer Manager Mobile (BMM) strategy simulation and other puzzles on Android platform.

Our Approach:

THE BEERGAME 2014 LINEUP: "Tic-Tac-BREW" puzzle game using popular Beer Logos; "Keg Counter Puzzle HD" (Feb 2014): integrates the proven-fun math squares theory into a challenging puzzle optimized for Android tablets. "Beer Manager Mobile HD" (Spring 2014): our flagship title is a modern Android update to the legacy economic strategy MeterSteiner Brewing SIM desktop PC game popular worldwide back in the late 1990s "Craft Radar HD" (Spring 2014): localized travel & brewery guide Utility App ** BUILD YOUR BREWING EMPIRE MeterSteiner BeerGAME series are challenging economic strategy games about the brewing, distribution and the sale of one of the best beers in the world. You take over control of the mythical MeterSteiner brewery and the challenge is to build a thriving business with a beginning capital of $4 million dollars. In order to complete your goal, you have to build some breweries, advertise, manage production, ship the beer to various cities and sell it there. You have the power to control your empire. Build and Manage Factories, Headquarters, Brewing Plants, Warehouses, Loading Docks, Laboratories, etc. However, success does not come easy, and with the unique BMM game engine that is based on many random elements, the competition is fierce and the market is brutal. Three computer opponents will be competing against you, attempting to reduce your success. At the end of the game, your company's net worth will be calculated and your score will be recorded to compare with the competition.

Featured Products:

  • Tic-Tac-BREW

    * Legendary tic-tac-toe game utilizing craft beer brand logos * Optimized for Android Tablets * 4 skill levels – Easy to Expert * Play Solo, Local or Global * Online Leader Board by Venue / Region / National * Win Prizes & Promo Coupon downloads * Schedule Release Late April 2014 * Private Brand Program available for National & Regional Craft Brands in Beer & Coffee segments *

  • Keg Counter Puzzle HD

    Math can be fun and its complexity challenges the mind. The MeterSteiner Keg Counter Puzzle is based on the simple idea of the magic square…The magic lies in the fact that the numbers in each vertical, horizontal and diagonal row always sum to the same number, called the magic constant. The warehouse workers at MeterSteiner Brewing use this tool to optimize loads for their beer keg delivery trucks !

  • MeterSteiner BeerGAME 2014

    MeterSteiner BeerGame: Think SimBeer: Simcity comes to Craft Beer, in a world where Brewing The Best Beer AND Operating The Best Brewery are the ONLY things that matter in order to survive AND win in the Brutal Marketplace”

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