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Our Story:

Little did Ken & Joanne Goronson know what their gift of a Mr. Beer homebrewing kit for their 29 year old son Jim in 1995 would lead to 19 years later: the Parched Eagle Brewpub! Jim's love of craft beer (called “microbrew” back then) was well established by that time. From imports like Young's Old Nick Barleywine to Spaten Optimator to early craft beer favorites like Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale and Goose Island Honker's Ale, Jim was hooked. Brewing his own seemed like a logical step in enhancing his knowledge and love for the world's third most popular beverage (after water and tea). Flash forward to 2008, when, after 13 years of slacker brewing at the intermediate extract level, Jim was prodded by his friend Page Buchanan (master brewer/owner of the House of Brews) to finally move up to the advanced all-grain level of homebrewing. From there his enthusiasm for the joy of brewing grew exponentially, leading to his realization in the fall of 2009 that his life's calling is to open a brewpub! Jim is a 2012 graduate of the World Brewing Academy (Siebel Institute) Concise Course in Brewing Technology. Jim has also spent time learning to brew on a craft brewery level at the House of Brews under the tutelage of Page. He has also been a beer judge for homebrew contests certified by the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) since 2009. Meanwhile, Jim's co-worker/friend Tom Christie, a fellow craft beer lover as well as a mead-maker and holder of much technical knowledge, joined forces with Jim as fellow business partner! With Jim as the artist and Tom as the technician, the left/right brain combination needed to create great beer was established.

Our Approach:

The philosophy of the Parched Eagle is to provide a unique and intimate drinking and dining experience for all customers who step through our doors. Our emphasis will be on producing world class, fresh beers that will pair nicely with food we will offer. Our goal is to have the Parched Eagle's beers embody the adventurous spirit of the craft brewing movement. Creativity within the context of the world's many great beer styles is our mantra. Our commitment to producing the best beers possible is THE core principle of the business. Paraphrasing a political cliché from the 90s: “It's about the beer, stupid.”

Featured Products:

  • Hop-Bearer

    Our signature double dry-hopped IPA is a finely tuned rock combo of hop flavor using eight separate additions of the finest Simcoe, Amarillo, and Citra hops. It delivers tangy hop aroma and flavor followed by waves of glorious hop bitterness on the palate. The steady backbeat of malt aroma and flavor comes from English Maris Otter and Crystal malts. A classic Upper Midwest IPA.

  • Crane Ale

    A slightly better behaved sibling of Hop-Bearer, this pale ale dials down the hop-punch and lets the lightly sweet maltiness feature a little more prominently. An exercise in perfect hop/malt balance (i.e. hops first).

  • Parched Eagle Golden Ale

    Our namesake beer, Parched Eagle is what some may call a perfect lawn mowing beer. Perfect for a hot summer day, this thirst quenching offering is light, golden, and easy on the taste buds. A touch of sweetness and subtle fruity esters coupled with a kiss of hops is the mark of this classic style from Cologne.

  • Janethan

    A truly special concoction, this brew was first created for the joint birthday party of a great couple. This big porter is unlike any other that one is likely to find in the area and, keeping with the theme, boasts a wonderful marriage of dark roasted malt and chocolate flavor balanced with a slightly spicy hop aroma. JANEATHAN is a substantial malty dark ale with a complex and full-flavored roasted character.

  • Verily

    Yea VERILY, indeed. This brew is the strongest of our flagship offerings in many ways, not the least of which the ABV. A classic Belgian Trappist Dubbel style brown ale, it features a beautiful deep ruby color and a deliciously complex malty taste. We have put all of our love of Belgian beers into this creation. If ye seek truth, this be your brew. Verily you will!

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