Pizza Beer Company


Our Story:

Had an itch to make a totally different brew at home. Tossed Basil, Oregano, Tomato & Garlic into a batch & it turned out great! Won several Homebrew awards and decided this beer should be sold in stores. March 2008 we launched the first commercial batch of Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer and sell the beer in several states and internationally. It is the World's First Culinary Beer and the only Pizza Beer ever brewed. We introduced a food line the same year. Pizza & Bread kits that used our beer as an ingredient. We now sell those kits and 25 other food products at grocery and specialty stores in the Midwest. We are looking to expand our business within our current markets. Chef Tom & Mamma Mia! St Charles, IL

Our Approach:

Chef Tom and Mamma Mia!

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