Polaris Brewing Company


Our Story:

Polaris Brewing Company was conceived in March of 2013 as a way to realize the dream of Jason Toft and Megan Michael to start their own brewery and restaurant. Tired of the way that some breweries release simply mediocre beer to the public, we intend to buck the trend and open a brewery unlike any other. We intend to release only excellent beer, and if it does not meet our standard, we're not afraid to take a loss on it. However, the way that we brew together, and the recipes that we come up with prevents us from ever making such a mediocre beer in the first place. We started as homebrewers, like many others, in September of 2012. From that point, we knew we were on to something special. We developed and tweaked our recipes, scoring in the high 30's of 50 in one of the toughest competitions in the state of Florida. This, plus getting to brew one of our beers at Rapp Brewing as a result of winning a people's choice competition solidified our belief that we make excellent beer and can sell it to the masses.

Our Approach:

We want to start with a 7 barrel brewhouse manufactured locally to us in St. Petersburg, FL by BrewFab LLC. With this, we will be able to take a 100% artisanal approach to craft beer, using only the freshest malts and hops and create glorious ales and lagers for your pleasure. Right now, the plan is to have a 7-barrel brewhouse, between 4 and 6 7 barrel fermenting tanks, 2 or 3 15 barrel lagering tanks, one 7 barrel and one 15 barrel brite beer tanks. Being a brewpub, we intend to sell upwards of 80% of our beer on site through serving tanks with a limited amount of distribution to spread the word about Polaris Brewing. Our restaurant side will be the best wood-fired brick oven pizzeria within 50 miles. We intend to hire a talented local chef that has a focus on using local ingredients as much as possible. What goes better together than pizza and beer? Pizza and a beer from Polaris Brewing. Our chef will create personal sized pizzas with a rustic style that will pair perfectly with one of the five house beers from the brewery and daily specials focusing on the freshest ingredients of the day. In the most simple of terms, we want Polaris Brewing Company to become a new hotspot for glorious craft beer and casual dining in the Tampa Bay area. With this goal in mind, we will press forward to new and exciting prospect within the craft beer industry. Thank you for visiting our page here on CraftFund!

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