Princeton Audio, LLC.


Our Story:

Our brand name comes from the community that we call home, Princeton Wisconsin. We embrace the small town values of our community. They define us, and complement our aspiration to differentiate and our products from the mass-produced “digital widgets” so common today. Pride in our community and our commitment to craftsmanship informs everything we do.

Our Approach:

Princeton Audio’s products embody the vision of our founder. Throughout his career, in consumer electronics product development, Mike has always asked “why not?” The Princeton Audio design philosophy is predicated on two key “why not’s”. Why not use the time-tested techniques of woodworking artisans and master builders of musical instruments in the manufacture of speakers and headphones? And why not future proof audio products? For the mass producers of disposable goods the answer to both questions pretty much comes down to cost. For craftsmen, who choose to create lasting value, using sustainable materials, in products designed to pass from one generation to the next, the answer is “why not?” Princeton Audio is an atelier (a workshop or studio, especially of an artist, artisan, or designer), created to host craftsmen who, like Mike, are skilled, willing and eager to explore the “why not?” in creating musical products that are designed to instill pride of ownership – for generations

Featured Products:

  • Site:1 - IDA Winner

    We have designed and built our first product the Site:1 and have the electronics functioning to produce the most pristine sound possible. Additionally the Site:1 has a rechargeable battery and is portable. It is handcrafted right in Princeton Wisconsin and all the components are made in America. It is also a recipient of an International Design Award.

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