Red Clay Brewing Company


Our Story:

Red Clay Brewing Company is made up of Kerry McGinnis, Stephen Harle , and John Corbin. We are three guys with a passion for craft beer, homebrewing, and the whole culture surrounding it. We not only want to bring the craft beer scene to Opelika, we want to help in the revitalization of our town. As we were in the process of defining who we are, we asked ourselves "what do people think about when they think of the South?" Well, with all three of us born and raised here there is one common thing that is truly southern...RED CLAY!!! It's EVERYWHERE!!! So naturally we chose Red Clay Brewing Company. Our name represents what we grew up knowing and so will our beer labels. With names like Big Swamp Stout (Big Swamp deriving from the Muskogee word Opelika and happens to be our Flagship. Yes we know, a Stout for our flagship is crazy, but we believe in it that much), Hop Jubilee (From the late night Jubilee's we went to off the Eastern Shore of the Mobile Bay), and Wood Shed Saisson (Well... It's a wood shed, what else can I say), you can't help but think of that sweet Southern land we call home.

Our Approach:

Red Clay Brewing Company is an Opelika Alabama based craft manufacturing brewery and taproom that will house a 7bbl brew system for distribution and taproom along with a 25 gallon small batch system. Within 6 months to a year we will add additional 15bbl fermenters to ramp up the distribution phase for our primary beers. The brewery will be located in the up and coming Lebanon Arts and Entertainment District of Downtown Opelika.

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