Scruft Brothers Brewing


Our Story:

Three brothers brewing beer in the wilds of P.A. located in Potter county. PA. For most of us, our 20s and 30s are spent trying to build the life we've always dreamed of. And, for the lucky ones among us, the 40s begin the time when we begin dreaming about the days of our lives that we have already lived. We begin to embrace who we are, rather than who we would like to be. And we begin to see that there?s as much beauty in the days of our lives that have gone by as there is promise in the days ahead. With that respect for the past, there naturally comes a deeper appreciation for the gift that is family. It?s from that admiration of roots and heritage that three brothers have come together to create a product that not only keeps them close, but also pays homage to an older sibling. Rick, Curt and Jeff Long were barely in their teens when they first met their stepbrother Jeff Stiles, who was in his early 20s. The boys looked up to Jeff and they hit it off from the start. Being older and bigger, Jeff used to pick on his younger brothers by giving them a ?dutch rub,? rubbing his knuckles across the top of their heads while he held them in a headlock under his arm. The boys, for whatever reason, didn't call it a dutch rub or a noogie, they called it a ?scruft.? There?s no way they could have known then how that strange word would become such a significant part of their lives. Today, ?Scruft? is the nickname each brother calls the other. So it was only natural to use that name when the Long brothers put their talents together a couple years ago and began brewing beer as ?Scruft Brothers Brewing? a garage-based operation at Curt?s home on Niles Hill, just outside of Coudersport.

Our Approach:

we intend to open a small (nano) beer garden on scenic Route 6 in northern PA. with an emphasis on community and family.

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