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Our Story:

Sessions Brewery will operate the first certified organic brewery and certified gluten-free pizzeria in all of southern and central California. Located in Ventura, Sessions Brewery will operate as a brewery first, a certified gluten-free pizzeria second. We intend to capitalize on the growing demand for craft beer and organic products, as well as the increasing population of individuals with gluten intolerance or Celiac disease by offering: • Certified organic beer; • Certified organic gluten-reduced beer; • Organic artisanal hand tossed, brick oven pizzas; • Organic, gluten-free artisanal hand tossed, brick oven pizzas; and • Organic salads Sessions Brewery will differentiate itself from traditional brewpubs and breweries by offering nine organic and two organic gluten-reduced beers on tap at all times. Its beers will be predominantly Belgian style beers, with the addition of wood-aged and modern ales. The brewery and pub will create a fun, casual dining experience that will blend the beach lifestyle with the craft beer scene. Unlike traditional brewpubs, Sessions Brewery will establish and grow off-site accounts within a 50 mile radius of its location to capitalize on being the only certified organic brewery and pub in southern and central California.

Our Approach:

At Sessions Brewery, we intend to capitalize on being the first certified organic brewery in all of central and southern California by operating a 10 BBL brewhouse with 5 fermenters and 9 serving tanks. We anticipate a maximum production of approximately 2,500BBls annually. We intend to distribute no more than 30% of our organic beer throughout a 50 mile radius, giving us aces to markets as far north as UC Santa Barbara, as far south as Malibu, CA and as far east as Ojai and Filmore. Organic certification will be conducted by Organic Certifiers of Ventura California We will initially operate a smaller 2BBL brewhouse with 4BBL fermenters to craft our organic gluten-reduced beers. These unique offerings will be certified by a 3rd party analytical lab to ensure that gluten content is below 10ppm before we serve these wonderful elixirs. Our gluten-reduced beers will only be served at Sessions Brewery. Our kitchen will be broken into two sections, one open viewing kitchen contain a brick pizza oven and a closed kitchen where all gluten-free items will be prepared and cooked. We will be a certified gluten-free food service kitchen by the Gluten Intolerant Group to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our guests, especially those with Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance. For more information contact John at

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