Simmer Inc.


Our Story:

Steve and Jennifer opened the Simmer Truck in 2013, bringing freshly made soups and unique panini to the streets of Milwaukee. A year and a half later, they opened the Simmer Cafe in downtown Milwaukee, offering an expanded version of the truck menu, including freshly-baked products, breakfast, and Stone Creek Coffee. Now they have the opportunity to bring their soups and other goodies to more of the world, with an offer to open a second location in the Pabst Brewery complex and the opportunity to distribute their soups to other restaurants and cafes, and in frozen boilable quarts in supermarkets and natural food stores.

Our Approach:

We make all of our stocks and soups from scratch in our kitchen on Water Street in downtown Milwaukee, sourcing locally wherever appropriate. Everything we make is from recipes Steve and Jennifer developed. We intend to scale our growth at a pace that enables us to steadily increase revenue and income, but not so fast so that we lose control of our processes and quality.

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