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Our Story:

Our drafts are brewed in Southern Maryland and crafted with care and attention to the environment. To best accentuate the aromas and flavors appropriate to each of the craft beer styles we have created unique pairing suggestions. Our green brewing technology allows us to autonomously control temperature in the mash tun and use different mash techniques which allows us to precisely and repeatably brew all types and styles of beer. We can recreate any style of beer... with consistency. In 1995 I brewed my first homebrew batch in a Quincy, IL basement using a sock filter, 1998 ? Attended homebrew classes at the Copper Dragon in Carbondale, IL and equipment procurement at Southern Illinois University, conducted first all grain batch. 1999 - ?Beertron? term first coined with vision of automated RIMS. 2002 - Design and assembly starts on ?Beertron?, an automated 3 keg home brewery. January 2, 2005 ?Beertron? comes to life and produces first autonomous batch of homebrew. 2007 - Genesis of the ?Brewtronix System? and business plan at venture capital classes at Kansas University and the University of Maryland?s Technology Enterprise Institute and Entrepreneurial office, SCORE and Southern Maryland Small Business Development Center. 2010 - Joined the Hollywood Hop Heads homebrew club. 2012 ? Created SOMD Brewing brand and logo. 2012/2013 ? Craft Beer Cuisine Adventure Charters conducts 6 month research in Lesser Antilles. 2013 - Filed SOMD Brewing LLC paperwork with state of Maryland and Dick Brothers Brewing LLC paperwork with state of Illinois.

Our Approach:

We operate a self sufficient green brew house that is able to pump electricity back into the grid by utilizing solar water heaters, microturbines, biomass fueled boiler, and photovoltaics thus increasing our brewery thermal efficiency. By burning a portion of our spent grain as biomass fuel we are able to generate electricity through microturbines that power our entire brewing operations thus decreasing green house gases and our electrical needs. When steam demands are idle we are able to divert energy to powering twin microturbines and pump energy back into the grid. By utilizing solar photovoltaic arrays and battery technology we are able to pump energy back into the grid while the brewing operation is offline. By filtering aqueous brewery waste with our organic pressed spent grain filters we can reduce pollution into the Chesapeake Bay and create compost from the organic waste for an on-site hop farm. Green Brewing Technology = 1) Renewable Energy, 2) Autonomous Controls, 3) CHP + PV integrated within brewery applications, 4) Partnerships with environmental and energy organizations. Historic Preservation: Saint Mary?s county was one of the first colonies established in 1634 by the landing of the sailing vessels the Ark and the Dove from England. One of our focuses is on preserving the natural history of Southern Maryland through our beer by including ?history bits? on each bottle. Craft Beer Cuisine: Experimenting with ingredients, styles, and flavors from around the world. Never dull and stagnant? SOMD Brewing is constantly researching new ingredients, old and new world brewing styles, and flavors from around the globe to insert into our beers and generate food pairing ideas for our customers. Increased relationships with the sailing community in the form of Craft Beer Cuisine Charters, sponsorships at regattas and with the cruising community, sailing clubs, and reinvigoration of Ark and Dove voyages thru the Caribbean and across the Atlantic, etc.

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