Sonoma Beverage Works


Our Story:

Sonoma Beverage Works produces Sonoma Cider, a line of organic hard ciders. The hard cider market is undergoing rapid growth - more than doubling in 2012. While still small compared to beer, it?s clear that hard cider, one of America?s oldest beverages, is back. Sonoma Cider is positioned as a premium entrant in this exciting beverage category. Our team combines a world-class Cider Master, a veteran of alcoholic beverage sales, and a production team that has produced millions of cases a year for some of the largest beverage companies on the planet. We?re executing flawlessly to take the company from concept to reality in record time. The company was incorporated in Jan 2013, construction started in Jun 2013, and our first shipments to distributors occurred in Dec 2013.

Our Approach:

Sonoma Cider is a premium line of all-organic hard ciders. We?re launching with three flavors: Apple, Pear, and Bourbon. Our hard ciders have superior flavor profiles and amazing packaging. Sonoma Cider is naturally gluten-free and has an alcohol content similar to beer. We source a proprietary blend of organic apples from the Pacific Northwest, press them into single-strength juice (no concentrates), and immediately ship the juice to our state-of-the-art production facility. Next we ferment the juice and blend in other organic & natural flavors. We then bottle to achieve a finished product that has a long shelf life with no additives, sulfites, or preservatives. Our organically-certified facility in Healdsburg, 90 minutes north of San Francisco, was built from the ground up for volume production.

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