Stillmank Brewing Company


Our Story:

Founded in 2011 by passionate Brewer and Certified Cicerone, Brad Stlilmank. With the goal to push the limits of great tasting beer, and it's love affair with food. We intend to push the conventional boundaries of beer, by not stopping with the limitations of ingredients, but also by the equipment or even locations that we will use to produce our products.

Our Approach:

Stillmank Beer Company is very proud to bring Wisco Disco to Northeastern Wisconsin. We have worked very hard to be sure that our beer is not just available here, but literally born here in as many ways as possible. We are happy to say that we are now able to buy our kegs right here in Green Bay! We have always purchased very high quality stainless steel kegs for our beer, and have now begun to make this investment locally. As this is a large expense we are proud to be making it happen in our home town. Our focus is on keeping it in Wisconsin; below is a short list of some of the products, and services that we source from within Wisconsin: Kegs (Green Bay), malted barley (Chilton), clothing (Green Bay), production partners (Milwaukee), boxes for our cans (Green Bay), glassware and coasters (Waukesha), our website! (Green Bay), product distribution (DePere), art and design (Wauwatosa).... Nearly everything it takes to make Wisco Disco comes in one way or another from Wisconsin. As a local company it is very important to us that our local economy thrives along with us, and that is why when we look for a new product or service we look to Wisconsin first!

Featured Products:

  • Wisco Disco

    A deep amber colored beer, with rich malt and hop flavors, brewed with a small amount of milk sugar (or lactose), this provides its smooth body, and makes it a perfect match to pair with your favorite cheeses. Wisco Disco is brewed with five different malts, and four giant hop additions, then cold conditioned (not pasteurized), leaving it naturally cloudy and refreshing.

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