Tabal Chocolate


Our Story:

A lifelong chocolate lover, Dan Bieser set out to create the best chocolate imaginable. Using the highest quality ingredients and equipment that he built and jerry rigged in his garage, he took over the kitchen of his house. Soon he was asking friends and family to taste different varieties. The reactions were great and lead to engaging conversations long into the night covering topics from chocolate to family, to old childhood memories. It was in those conversations that the idea for Tabal Chocolate began to take root. Chocolate is more than just a food. It brings us together. Leave chocolate out on the table and friends, family, and strangers will converge. Conversations happen and memories are made. Relationships are built. At Tabal Chocolate, we love chocolate. The smell, the taste, the very thought of it. But it?s chocolate?s power to bring people together that fuels our passion to make the best chocolate in the world. In fact, our name, Mayan in origin, says it all: Tabal, n. Relationship; Anything attached to or connected to another.

Our Approach:

Tabal Chocolate is unique because it is made from Bean to Bar in small artisan batches with organic fairly traded ingredients. At Tabal Chocolate we believe in letting the bean speak for itself. This begins by selecting the highest quality, most flavorful cacao beans from around world and roasting them in small batches. The beans are then cracked open with the center (called the nib) removed. The nibs are ground for 24 to 48 hours using a traditional Mexican Molino grinder with volcanic grindstones. At this point the nibs have been transformed into Chocolate Liquor and are ready to be combined with cane sugar and cacao butter (additional ingredients, such as vanilla, added depending on the variety). The mixture is then tempered, which gives the bar its ?Snap?, before being poured into molds to cool and wrapped by hand.

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