The Long Branch Brewing CoOp


Our Story:

Brewing should be for everyone, but not just anyone can be a brewer. Mostly due to excuses "I don't know how, I cant have that much beer at my house, its too expensive, I dont have the room". Well I want to take away the excuses and let anyone be the new Brewing Rockstar!

Our Approach:

You come down to the brewery, brew a batch of beer on our 8-10bbl system with the brewer. We finish it, put it on tap at the restaurant next door, and everyone gets to enjoy! If your name is on the batch, you get your beer for $3 until it's dead, then someone else gets a try. There will be some brewing of flagship beers, also to be carried at local restaurants, to help support the overall costs of running a brewery, but the special stuff, the one off's, the rare collaborations will be brewed by you! We are looking for funding to get this place up and running in Berkeley, the home of the CoOp. I myself have been brewing for close to 10 years at home on a small system and have a partner who has worked for a local brewery on a 7bbl system for the last couple of years, we are no slouches!

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