The Sinister Plott Ale House & Tavern

North Carolina

Our Story:

We are four childhood friends all with different backgrounds and specialties. One is an accountant, one is an operator of multiple fast-food franchises, one is a beer salesman and one is a student. We all have a passion for beer and the good times you spend around a table with good friends and family. We are all different but have two things in common: we would like to work for ourselves and every bar we've been into we feel like we could do a better job. We have talked about opening up a bar for what seems like decades. Now we are all approaching our mid-30's and the dream needs to be realized.

Our Approach:

We will pay a lot of attention to seasonal and rotating beers. Practically no day will be the same in terms of what we have on tap. This will require good relationships and extra attention when it comes to speaking with NC breweries. But we feel it is a unique business model with an ever-changing number of drinks.

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