Three Spires Brewing Co


Our Story:

The growing number of people diagnosed with gluten intolerance has established a growing need for alternative beers that satisfy those that wish to enjoy the craft beer industry. Many of the current offerings don?t meet that goal. Our mission is to produce excellent hand crafted gluten free beer for our customers that inspires the imagination and pleases the tastes of anyone that indulges in our unique products. The brewery is the effort of four friends coming together to deliver excellence. One of the founders suffers from Celiacs Disease and knows first hand what it means to not have a good option in craft beers to enjoy.

Our Approach:

Three Spires is utilizing gluten free grains supplied from local farms to produce four different varieties of beer that can be enjoyed by anyone. Because the team is made up of diverse group we are able to get a good overview of taste profiles and what are enjoyed by all sorts of individuals. We are using traditional techniques that go far back into the history of beer making to produce our beer yet using a different set of grain to bring the gluten free possibility to market.

Featured Products:

  • Saison

    A smooth saison with a deep golden color. Notes of banana and clove highlight this refreshing drink.

  • Oatmeal Stout

    A creamy gluten-free version of the traditional oatmeal stout using certified gluten-free oats. A delightful chocolate note starts the experience followed by a hint of coffee on the backside.

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