Wine & Whey


Our Story:

Always loving cheese and embracing the brew cultural of Colorado, it didn't take long to fall for fermentation and more specially; Wine Making. To truly understand what goes into a glass of wine, its best to start with the grape. For the last 2 years we have been sharing the techniques, the style and educate all levels of wine and cheese makers on how to select their variety, make it themselves and walk away with a better understanding of each product. Wine & Whey provides the classes, small events and on-site or at home wine and cheese making for all.

Our Approach:

It starts with Education. Our cheese and wine instructors bring the trade to the table and allow students to have hands on involvement through every step. From small groups to large events. From year round juice to harvested grapes, we always have something new to share. Taking the idea of home brewing to an on-site location with professional equipment and guided instruction.

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