Wisco Tropical


Our Story:

I grew up on the frozen tundra of Wisconsin eating the standard meats, fish, potatoes and other garden vegetables. Good stuff, but it could be a little bland. Like any tundra resident, I often dreamed of warm tropical places and exotic flavors. ? When I moved to Madison I discovered a whole new world of flavors. After I tried my first Jamaican and Caribbean dishes the hook was in. It wasn’t just the preparation of the fish and meats with spices that dazzled my senses, but also the amazing sauces served with them. ? My taste buds reawakened, I thought I'd try to strike a blow against the bland and flavorless by creating my own Caribben-inspired sauces with locally available fruits and vegetables. We have great supplies of cranberries, pears, apples, cherries, peppers and more here, so the possibilities are endless. ? After several attempts and some daring taste testers the first sauces were born. I'll keep creating new ones and share the best with you. ? ?I hope you try and enjoy Wisco Tropicál sauces, and with every flavorful drop may you get a little closer to your own sunny and delicious tropical paradise. - Jay

Our Approach:

Make unique sauces that combine fruits, savory flavors and tropical heat.

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